QA & Compliance Norberto Filotto 13/09/2023


What we care about

Honesty, integrity, and transparency are core values of PM Fulfillment.

We confirm that we express our support for universal human rights and, particularly, those of our employees, the communities within which we operate, and parties with whom we do business.


Our offer is fully adapted to
Your business processes


Our offers guarantee full compliance with standards in place at our clients and further generates reports on orders, production, shipment, delivery, quality control and stock.


We are also comitted to the protection of the environment. By shortening and optimizing the supply chain for our customers, we also contribute to reducing the CO2 emission and lower the energy consumption massively.

Donation Ukraine

We are supporting the valuable work of the non-profit organization “CCSP hilft e.V.” of CCSP GmbH in the neighborhood of PM Fulfillment’s office building.

Recently we received a few donations for Ukraine at this year’s summer party and again we were able to make a contribution. We increased the sum to €3,000.

Needed daily necessities were purchased again for children who lost their parents in the war. On July 25th we handed over a significant load of products to CCSP and they immediately transported them to Ukraine.

Pictures say more than a thousand words. CCSP sent us some impressions from Ukraine that won’t leave you unaffected.

As long as help is needed, pm group will continue to support “CCSP hilft e.V.”.


Corporate Social

Besides the support of local projects, we support the DKMS Foundation with contributions and participation at the annual DKMS Gala to help in the fight against blood cancer.

DMKS works tirelessly to build a community of donors so every patient has a potential second chance at life.